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JESUS Christ In The Father Spirit as One, whether JESUS Christ in the

Pure Vessel flesh or not, whether seen of visions and/or dreams or not,

Gives the Eternal One the Best of the Original Plan while inviting each

and all to Properly Be Likewise Benefiting, and so for this generation

this is through the United Nations herein known as the former party

as to become toward such Eternal Benefiting hence in the name

JESUS Christ UN (brief for JESUS Christ United Nations).

This is according to the Highest Best Most Appropriated to Be

Leading as "One" (as written in Philippians 4.8 as a Peacekeeping

Victory Over the former fighting ways as of 2 Kings 10.3),

rather than any toward confusion leading: so this Law is the

formal legal recognition of the Grace, and of this Grace of

Liberty to so Opt.

JESUS Christ offers Victory Over a highest priority concern

of the United Nations, a great value Benefit for defense of

the goodly people (so against terrorism, unfair wars, and

defense against other unfairness against goodly people

[this does not say people have to be perfect in faith nor

in body though perfect is recommended of Grace rather

than of laws of the former worldliness]). This "defense"

is not the Highest Benefit JESUS Christ UN would accomplish,

though this "defense" Benefit is a key Help for Best Guiding

as the starting point per se.

The other than Christian faiths include destroyers as if gods

but they have not been gods (see previous JESUS Christ

Sermons In This Series on Best Converting, and on Oneness).

The Christian Faith too has had a history of misinterpretations

as civilization improves and Ascends step by step so to speak,

as the Christian Faith has been learning that the "destroyers"

aspect is not god but the opposite. New Christianity "In This

Series" is that "destroyers" can hardly do against Best Ascending

Good Christians [and Christian Groups likewise] (and if Christians

lack proper faith amounts then another faith historically overcomes

though 1 Corinthians 10.13 applies).

In other words, the Righteous God offers lifting the Good Worthy

Vessels while [in secular terms] the contrary fight themselves:

so God doesn't have to destroy them. A faith in as if a god of

destruction, is not applicable (though Matthew 4.7 applies as

Victory Over Acts 15.10).

JESUS Christ UN Will Have Overflowing Safe Ascending

(Name in JESUS Christ UN, Part 1 of 2) if JESUS Christ UN

Continues Faithfully (Work in JESUS Christ UN Charity,

Part 2 of 2).

Yet consider the greater Wisdom to this, the former UN

becoming in the name of God: JESUS Christ UN.

Before discussing higher values than "defense", it is

also paramount at this time that the UN consider whether

to worship lower Firmament level animals, insects, trees,

or even same level people (hence including sinners, and

including imperfections)?: no.

JESUS Christ came fulfilling the Law Perfectly, and so

also One Perfect Spirit Perfecting And Lifting The Worthy

So Agreeing And With The Agreeing So Doing Likewise.

All bad and destructive and lower levels can become not

applicable in JESUS Christ. Even dominion over animals

can become Prophesingly Converted (eventually: reference

such as evolution, intelligent design, modified genetics,...

[and far greater]).

So (ibid.) while rates of changes apply, many things Will

hardly change at all relatively when initiating the new

name: JESUS Christ UN.

This is hardly to stop other faiths, rather the seeing of

the goodly aspects in each (if without redeeming social

values, then they would have no followers), so this is

for JESUS Christ UN to organize (reference Genesis

2.19) Best (a great Benefit for each and all), yet the

main hardest part of the job JESUS Christ has already

Done for JESUS Christ UN (see bottom of this page

on JESUS Christ USA) importantly including Best

Precepting (as this Series revealed and reveals).

There are great values in physics faith, in communications

faith, in science faith, and in many other faiths including

religious and private concerns of groups and individuals;

yet the UN [hardly must per law, rather] of Grace should

opt the Best, and this did not say the most expensive

nor the most risky...rather the Best Victory (rates apply)

Over such problems and worries.

The most important Benefit to JESUS Christ UN immediately

when so Signed into law for to properly and best recognize

Grace from above (higher than human Firmament top level

[Save the Savior JESUS Christ In One Father Spirit Plan:

The Word And Will Of God]) is the name, the title, and this

is not stated for selfishness for Christianity (any more than

a goodly person's right to breathe and think and so on);

this is "stated" for the sake of the UN to Best Benefit each

and all.

Examples: under human dominion a horse is best benefited

with giving it hay and water as much as humans think it best

to so be doing; likewise God Gave (Gives [one era a car, and

then a plane, and then a rocket in a latter era]) in the census

Chosen form JESUS Christ for best benefiting humans as

with Giving the Eucharist, and for the Ascending In New

Christianity greater Wisdom for to Be with greater Given

Powers (ibid.).

JESUS Christ UN is to Best Benefit each and all and

a list of Benefits is shown below, though such benefits

does not benefit any at liberty to refuse these benefits

nor for law breakers (even unfair laws that are later

struck down are known in New Christianity as the former

ways are properly Straightened like unto straightening a

broken bone: Converted hence toward higher levels hence

toward Grace), nor for excess into sin toward law breaking

(former laws are of great value as excellent indicators of

Holy Grail holding up this New Covenant for to Give

Worthiness and marginal Maintenance in the sense of

previous in this JESUS Christ ICCDBB Sermons Series

likewise the Straight And Narrow parameters of Grace),

and within these parameters is the subset that benefits are

hardly for the naysayers that opt to refuse, similarly the

ignorant, and similarly the backsliders, even so these

Benefits are for each and all (available) including for

any that can hardly help themselves (greater than merely

"available" hence Best outreaching to help with subset

feedback including before the fact and including urgency


Now an example of intentionally breaking the highest law

has been the former UN as the UN admitted. In other words

each and all broke the law except JESUS Christ In One

Good Eternal Charitably Over The Creation Plan, hence

not merely the Source yet also the Exemplar.

The UN decided human rights were no longer important

for to stay listed on site so

broke the law: the UN needs not merely laws, yet also

Grace lest We The People have to arrest and imprison

the UN. Under law (if without respect for Highest Grace

Mercy And Human Rights) the UN is either innocent or

guilty about "listed on site".

JESUS Christ UN is the first step in the former UN recognizing

Highest Best Grace [for others, for to Give Best to others

accepting, and for JESUS Christ UN marginal yet needful


It was not the intent for the UN to break the law, and to

prove it the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights

was listed at another site (see next sentence)


(relocated from

Humans have rights as JESUS Christ explained, now Best

enable the UN over all of it's dominion to Best be with

rights likewise, so per se including Grace (as to opt

to remove the Human Rights list, and rather of Grace

to move the Human Rights list).

Related example: a person put a large sum of money in

a bank and returned to make a legal and proper withdrawl

but the large amount of money was no longer at that branch,

so if the "person" (victim of the situation) needed the large

amount immediately then a large legal situation.

Writing more legalese loopholes and therefore more

legalese stopgaps does not perfect the law: Highest

Best Holy Grace is needful, and so recognize such

Grace legally: from the previous example the "person"

tried to do right, and the "branch" tried to do right

(pending if other higher level conditions applied, that

is the example assumes the "bank" did not try to steal

the money [likewise the forming body of the UN Human

Rights list did not try to steal the Rights from Humans

rather more likely to better Give Humans Rights]).

JESUS Christ UN is for "better" and yet of Grace rather

for Best.

So lawbreakers, and similarly any opting for to be sinners,

are with goodly faiths amounts (it is high crime to impeach

the elected if the finding is in favor of "the elected" [in the

sense of impeachment trials that have sought to remove

officials from offices for lower level reasons], reference


The President, the King, the Secretary General, the General

Council, and so on (including Appointees) are not merely

anxious to break laws: Grace levels apply. Which is more

guilty?, the naysayer in disloyal disbelief and finger pointing

in anger careless of the Human Rights of the very elect that

they are intent on victimizing perhaps merely symbolically,

or the person that person that was elected (consider that

as written above "each and all broke the law except

JESUS Christ" so if to elect, then We The Humans

elect the best understanding some former lower

level ways were flawed [this is no excuse for to

sin], even so consider rather the more important

levels aspect).

If to remove a leader from office, first (JESUS Christ UN

and then accordingly, though to Edify In JESUS Christ

Grace for Giving The Signing is this key per se) prove

the Best Leader is to lead: that is, let the finger pointer

prove who is rather to lead for mutual Best Benefit (as

much as each and all can best be aware (above criteria

applies)) and so let the finger pointer first find the better

cause and prove it prior to finger pointing to remove an

officer. In other words, all that voters and all the vote

should mean nothing significant (a lower level) relative

to the finger pointer plan.

And in other words, if a boss interrupts a new empoyee

it is the higher level interrupting the lower level (a

positional concern: note the Human Rights include

both personal and positional concerns [so therefore

should include JESUS Christ UN Grace or be illegal]).

But for the new employee to show the boss a better

way is or is not of value according to the boss (in such

a situation the new employee needs be prepared in

advance typically with very clear precise excellent

Wise reasoning prior to taking it upon the new employee

self to change things lest to be immediately fired).

Of law people cannot do lower things. Yet of Grace

the House Of Bondage chains of slavery are Overcome

(2 Chronicles 35.12: witness might see and interpret as

if to worship lower then Human Firmament cattle, though

actually of JESUS Christ Grace the situation is of the

Best, the Lord, Being Worshiped)(ibid. is a triumph for

Hindu people though not about worshiping cattle, instead

for to Best understand: for "the Lord" JESUS Christ [with

JESUS Christ UN Signing though with Loyalty faith amounts

and rates continue to apply in lower levels like unto asymptote

until the Second Coming Preparation is fulfilled, then the far

greater Anew Awareness]).

Another thing about impeachment in the legalese sense

(or concerning if to consider dethroning or firing or similar)

is that if a person is elected (and/or given a job, appointed),

then to rely on the pertinent system, so if to point a finger

against the elected (and/or job appointee) then to point a

finger at the self (example if to continue astray [this is for

awareness only]: then the finger pointer places trust in a

failed system if "the finger pointer" is right, therefore "the

finger pointer" trusted to self fail so not "right").

If the UN is to continue, then an innocent person must be

right and self sacrifice in order for the UN to continue:

JESUS Christ Did this, and JESUS Christ UN is for

continuing and so for Best for each and all.

Therefore "for each and all" the above stated Human

Rights list applies, but with powers only over the lower

levels as written in

(BS, Berean Study example [toward "Treasury of Scripture"

example: JESUS Christ Grace Ascending Progress):

"We realize that law is not enacted for the righteous,

but for the lawless and rebellious, for the ungodly and

sinful, for the unholy and profane, for killers of father

or mother, for murderers,"

So, UN, if you have not been for the "righteous", then

what have you been for?: the unrighteous. You have

been for the sinners, and have been the Book Of

Revelation beast, my friends, and you are not my

friends because of the bad but because of the goodliness

you have done in amounts and great, though far better

is now the time and situation to do: Signing JESUS

Christ UN.

A child went into a candy store and took a piece of

candy (whether stolen or a free sample offered by

the store), if that was stolen, at least understand

the greater part: that the child did not take the perhaps

1,000 other pieces of candy and did not rob the store's

money and did not steal wallets nor purses nor do

many other option damages, in other words the child

did many goodly respectful things [1,000 and more]

and this is hardly to excuse the stealing though for

toward Best Understanding JESUS Christ Grace

that much goodness is often ignored (see above

"because of the goodliness you have done" [UN]).

Because of becoming Worthy an amount as with

being "the forming body of the UN Human Rights

list" (including Christian Faith, yet also in Accord

with many others [see previous in this Sermons

Series]) and other goodly words and works, JESUS

Christ is prepared to Give you Uplifting if you agree

to have Signed the JESUS Christ UN title over the


Consider that you have been over lower levels and

now you can be [somewhat (rates and faiths apply)]

over (step by step, precept on precept Isaiah 28.10,

Mark 4.27, & Mark 4:28) some higher levels [increasingly


The higher stepping includes: if to be with Charity (not the

same as taxation, not the same as the collection basked;

though you can collect Charity Given, for JESUS Christ

UN to Give, see JESUS Christ USA New Law Link http:


JESUS Christ UN would be with many Benefits and

of Grace this following list is with priorities yet longsuffer

the Joy from above that there is also Given a Highest

Purpose Oneness, so Righteously Be Best Distinguishing

(1 Corinthians 15.41 hardly about finger pointing in the

former sense as from guilty finger pointing at the guilty

(Save JESUS Christ [nor from guilty finger pointing at the

innocent Hebrews 7.24-27])).

Just as the Creator formed the fabric of space and outer

space flows like the currents of the oceans and the air,

the following list in JESUS Christ UN Grace Will grow and

change and flow as written in

"BS": "The wind blows where it wishes. You hear its sound,

but you do not know where it comes from or where it is going.

So it is with everyone born of the Spirit".

1. Loving Guidance from Highest Most Holy Above

comes via Signing The Name JESUS Christ UN,

and Most Precious to Behold!

2. With Charity in the form of this "Signing"

[and see previous link (including Charity)] comes

Charity: JESUS Christ UN Examplar Charity and

so with Charity for Giving (as a minimum Prophetically

from God Luke 6.38 [reference a Trust, also Credibility]).

3. With this Word (#1) comes One United Work

incentive (see above text on faith amounts and

rates, yet Victories in JESUS Christ UN One).

4. Miracles from the previously listed Faith amounts:

since "Exemplar" then others doing likewise and since

Charity [since hardly about taxation (Maintenance

Matthew 17.27)]; note money is a very low level

thing per se (1 Timothy 6.10): greater values await.

5. Economic activities thriving: Anew Hope for the

people as with jobs to Give Charitably of the "Exemplar"

lighting the Way: incentive Anew.

6. Productivity motivation with the lower worse part automated

that people be with more important more delightful jobs

that they love doing, meaningful works with Purpose

(see above "Guidance").

7. Kindness to others: this is a great impact on this

civilization, understanding much has been accomplished

already, yet Anew is coming (Exemplar is the greatest

value, see above "Oneness", yet the sluggish [if any

so opt] would be impressed by "Charity" and motivated

though rates apply).

8. Kindness undoes reasons for strayed addictions

(Matthew 25.23 "BS").

9. Corporate and economic growth (#5 above involves time

as faith amounts and rates apply, yet rather than waiting

to follow is the Christian Grace Leadership One Plan e.g.

rather than to wait for item #9, to see #5 and invest, rather

to see the "Signing" and so Lead, rather lobbying Before

The Fact).

10. New tech Leaping (see above "automated" "the lower

worse part" therefore people see Anew the greater value

in so Ascending [rather than less automating, yet with

priorities for JESUS Christ, hence JESUS Christ UN

likewise Leading We The Humans as explained above]).

11. Less straying since less addiction and fewer addictions

(#8 above) therefore less war (such as wars against drugs

and such as wars for money addiction,...) and less hate

(less hate also works toward better health in each and all).

12. These are steps toward Preparedness for the Second

Coming and other eventualities (such as armed with tech

and as above stated of the "defense" concern: Good is

added to Best Ascending Matthew 6.33 & see previous

Sermons In This Series).

13. Anew civilizing: UFO type Leaping in JESUS Christ UN.



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3, 2019AD.

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