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Troops Returned Home From Iraq to be treated to an <I>Alive</I> celebration party hosted by Dr. Bob Benchoff Friday night, for all those of the 116th, their families, friends, and visitors. "These were the ones that were able to stay alive" exclaimed Dr. Bob Benchoff, "and we are very grateful they did, as they have done a great service for us.". Dr. Bob Benchoff had been asked to hand out trophy awards to a larger pro-sports events crowd in Pittsburgh, PA that evening, but decided "as good as that is, this takes priority.". On Thursday Dr. Bob Benchoff performed a gratis magic show in Pittsburgh, followed by deep religious discussions in connection with his soon to be released book. On Friday after further Christian discussions, Dr. Bob Benchoff headed to the DC area to meet with officials, and then to <a href="http://boardingschoolreview.com/school_ov/school_id/357#">Massanutten Military Academy (MMA site with Benchoff Hall photo)</a>, in Woodstock (West of DC) where much training was (and continues to be) accomplished prior to the formation of the CIA / Langley. The party was held at the nearby Ramada, with a DJ, leadership and pool shooting tips from Dr. Bob Benchoff; and followed by dancing (:ANC). In related news, disfavor of Bush policy increases, as more troops are sent to the Iraqi "massacre" as the <I>Green Football</I> Internet opinion posting board highlighted (:ANC). July 31, 2005.

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